Thursday, 30 October 2008

Art opening - Danielle Levitt

So last night we hit up the Danielle Levitt art opening. A photographer that some good friends of mine have both assisted for and for once a sister doing it for her self. The show had some great work in it despite spotting a few hitched in some of the prints, someone needs to get sacked for leaving a little crop tool on a palm tree print, but that aside it was great. The bonus was a bunch of NY junior cheer leaders doing some crazy stuff, although they were like robot children. They had these hard ass fake smiles that look like they hide deadly sins. I dig it.

I think its also to do with the fact that every film iv ever seen with a cheerleader in makes my blood boil. They always play the nasty figure and i end um screaming at the TV instructing the other character with no self esteem to pipe up. Hollywood stereotypes at their prime. Anyway, the prints were rad and Turner and Louise managed to leave with a gold bow straight off the cheerleaders heads... charmed!.

This last shot made me chuckle, taking photos of photos is always a bit backwards but check out this scene within a scene. Standing in the corner are the cheerleader mums. Mothers to the bright toothed babies giving it their all at the opening ` ooooooooooooooook', in a pinch of salt way, an were gonna talk about stereotypes, these mothers resemble the vessels that channel their own misfortunes into their kids, push them to cheer, or be prom queens in the fo setting behind them. What goes around comes around. ( this is by no means in reference to the mothers here directly, anonymous comment taken on board, these guys were more than kind and gave the gals beautiful bows, remember we are talking stereotypes here)

Welcome to the land of Lormier

Welcome to RP's home away from home for a few weeks. Besosyfoto and RP met 7 years ago in a hostel in Barcelona. Since that first romance of sketchbook show downs and booze consumption, we have both tried to cross the pond once a year to bunk up on each others floors, go on photo missions, put the world the rights, and keep each other in check. money cant buy you love.

NYC aloha!

Touch down in NY was smooth. Mainly cause there was not one and i arrived on a train. A $25 cab ride into Brooklyn later I'm already reminded why this city feels like a home away from home. I got to Besosyfotos HQ and was greeted by warm faces and a sensation of excitement for the new apartment that stood before me. Louise now resides in one of the best apartments i have ever seen, city views, small walks to good coffee, good stores etc This whole trip to date seems to have an underlying theme of pastures new. Everyone seems to be doing or contemplating a life changing movement. 

impulsive birthday presents for friendly faces, It really is the thoughts that counts.

Capes and umbrellas one year later. This is a re-make of a photo shot by Louise on Andrew's birthday last year. Louise, in a moment of clarity realized there were both a cape and umbrella at her finger tips to remake this photo one year later

What do you buy from the store in the early hours? beers, candy, and shrimp crisps of course. These three items are clues for the spy inside. If this was a tame sesame street mystery they would be key clues highlighting the mental state of someone" sitting loosely in the saddle of life" (thanks turner). With 3 weeks ahead of trigger happy paradise, things just got good!


Turkey was such a different vibe that it actually didn't feel real.  The week was so short that this feeling didn't leave me.  I had the craziest dreams when I was there which actually followed me back to london.  The two worlds would mix in my mind, london and turkey....that eventually I invented strange stories in my head that I couldn't work out.  Strange turkish people I only just met, that have been in my life for about 2 minutes  would suddenly enter my mind and be hanging out with my old friends.  Weird time.

Peace out Canada, Wasssup America

So these are the last photos before crossing the boarder into US territory. We hit up a photo booth at 8am before i went to the train station. There was a sweet booth that shot big portraits so i got one of them to google at when I'm a fat granny and need to look backwards. We hit the boarder around 11am, one cup of coffee, 6 bucks down for a traveling visa (green bit of shitty paper) and a lot of rain, we passed over and i saw my first American flag of the trip.

A few posts earlier i stuck up a small i movie i made on the trip, it killed hours off my 11 ours ride and well, lets be honest, the view did not change too much. Welcome to America aka chapter 2.

Last day in Montreal

So my last few days in Montreal were pretty eventful. I got to explore the French side of Montreal, a house/squat show at LBH, and walk the streets letting cool stuff seek me out and visa versa. Although my time here was short it was a delight to get some down time in a city that mixes a very European demeanor with Canadian twang. The food spots are incredible namely Aux vivres, which is out of control for brunch and its coconut bacon! yeah, nuts good!

In the UK we put our stairs inside, here second floor stairs are placed out side. This method of access has paved the way fr so many stunning buildings and apartments. This photo is not a rad apartment block, but was just a prompt to address it.

The squat house show was pretty awesome. Bands included Statues,Horses and Malcolm Bauld for a big dose of folk punk. It was a rad small show with feelings iv not felt since i was 15 and getting into punk rock. The whole DIY scene has totally escaped me over the year, so it was pretty nice to see people still putting on sneaky shows out of the lime light of major promoters.

So this is the bedroom of the friend i was Staying with in Montreal. A gentlemens shrine to the iconic Morrissey

Cute street art v's nasty stuff. I know what id choose.