Saturday, 19 December 2009

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Do you sell handcuffs.

Props made for New To Q shoot for Deadmaus and Friendly Fires.


Here are some shots from the cover and inside story for Q Magazine.  I got creative on a load of megaphones and here are the results.

Monday, 26 October 2009

atlantic concrete crush

So i just got back from NYC and have a bunch of photos to pop up from this 5 day trip. Sadly it was fairly work heavy so not half as much
squirrel type gathering of imagery as id of liked. Either way, grab your cameras and put this band on your ipod. Thats all you will need for a fulfilling day. Let me know how you get on. RP

Sunday, 4 October 2009

secret eggs

Now there is a secret little place where we like to go for eggs. RP has passed this secret to several key friends and its generally quite a clean cut sweet ass brunch spot. This amazing guy plays pop songs in a jazz style on a grand piano in the middle of the dinning room and its all pretty fun and chill. This guy was hanging out getting his munch on and i could not resist a little sneaky shot. His get up was priceless!

Bogun, warrior we salute you

Great Escape

Once a year various music folk gather in the seaside town of Brighton to watch hundreds of clusters of new blood play shows in the hope of bagging the next big artists of the forth coming years. RP went down this year to see what its all about, hang with friends, and attend a few shin digs on the way.

These two are the primary definition of sarcasm , please beware

this man, will be famous, keep and eye out for Forth coming actor Sam Feeney

Levis secret party house, great hosts for the night

death rides

Yeah no big deal, totally cool about flying home today, deffo paid to get on a flight that has the word Die associated with it on boarding.
Don't worry as u can see, i made it.

Swine flu this

So when swine flu kicked in this year, it was good to know that you could get 50 face masks for a fiver on Brick Lane. What a load of bullshit. If i did not read papers or watch the news i swear to god id have no clue this was going on, and still know nobody it effected. Take your hype and jump.

Berlin ahoy

So in july we took a quick trip to Berlin for a trade show. We spent 2 days looking around, scoping things out. met up with key friends who were there for the same event and spent a relentless night of consumption in various apartments, bars, and restaurants. We have some seriously good food there, and the shopping is pretty sweet. Some of the window displays and merchandising there is like art in it-self.

One key historic building states in huge red neon lights "all art was once contemporary" which got us thinking. Anyway, some pretty nondescript images from a prolonged adventure.