Thursday, 29 July 2010

Postcards from France

so i am currently burning through thousands upon thousands of photos to start sorting my zines out. I have come across so many significant photos. The zines will be in B/W so quite often photos don't translate because its the colours that make them V's the composition. Here is a photo somewhere between driving from Barcelona to London in 2008. It reminded me of a vintage postcard. I think it would pretty sweet enlarged and printed (with the road barrier cropped out).

toodle pip RP x

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Bat those eye lids

So i just got these sweet shades made for our friends the Cancer Bats. Pretty stoked on them, be available on merch on their forth coming tour dates. Can i get an Amen?

Vogue Japan

Shoot I assisted Andrea Cellerino on for Vogue Japan a few months ago.

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Love triangle

Check out The Love triangle. They might just be your new fave band simply because "punk is love" they say!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

best man made gesture...ever

Potential to bring back the vintage welcome gesture of the peace sign? i would like this very much.

magic cafe

Where everything is beautiful


Myths are public dreams, dreams are private myths.
Joseph Campbell

Little tiny you should rest assured that you irrelevant crap, means nothing when looking at the bigger picture. So push it aside, and get stoked!

On Friday i was down South bank and came across their most recent installation. It is an amazing replica of the city built of small bricks. It really gave me a refreshed bit of perspective. We spend so much time contemplating trivial issues. If we put half as much energy into taking everything life throws as us through positive eyes, we would achieve so many incredible things.

I started saying yes to everything about 2 months ago, and despite the fact this is going to make me sound like a massive hippy, the idea that somehow the good energy thats been going out, its flying back at me, feels pretty awesome. Iv not felt this awesome in years. Sadly i could not find a good video for this band. But here is possibly the most posi song you can ever find buy HC band Good Clean Fun. I used to love this band as a nipper.

sing along folks:

"I know how I want to live: Positive! (x4)
Positively Positive
Don't know what I want
But I know I want to give
I know how I want to live
Positively Positive
I'm going to find a way
I'm going to start today"

Positively Postive

Black and white

Backdrops I did for a recent shoot. Final images will be up soon.

Portrait - Jim Philips -co owner of Worn By

Righteous Signage

Went for a stroll today after a delightful breakfast with home girl sally. I came across a bunch of street treats in the way of graffiti, signs, and righteous messages. Someone had been out their waving their flag and i have up most respect for that. No matter what the cause. If you feel strongly about something, write it on the walls, and stand by your opinion. its commendable.

Some of my discovers were sweet, some hilarious, others serious. All i ask is that you pay attention to the messages strangers post. as conditioned as we are to filter out the hundreds of messages we are bombarded with on a daily basis, some are more sincere than others. You never know where they will take you.

Leather Heroes / Velvet Villians

Portraits by Danny Sangra. Check out his new tumblr at leather Heroes Velvet Villians

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Photobooths on iPhones

Now, I dont know how I feel about this but I have Been trying a bunch of new photo aps. This one clearly mimics a photobooth. As much as you don't get the divine sense of touch compared to holding a real print in your hand, I guess it serves a purpose in the digital world ( that could just vanish in a heartbeat) so for now, I back it. Also i got a great tiltshift ap.

I would Like to add however that at the same time I am paying for an awesome little man to hand print some medium format enlargements. So I am always fighting to analogue corner, amen!

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Location:Mayola Rd,Hackney,United Kingdom

Jesus VS Dentures

So many photos so little time! fuuuuck!

jet setting stranger: Local Natives

So i met these guys on a recent flight from London to Lisbon. as absurd as it sounds, we all bonded over a very complex individual that seemed to board our plane in sunglasses, an all over print polyester green bubble print shirt, and quacked from London to Lisbon. No joke, give me a quack... that's what he did the whole journey.

i would like to thank him none the less, he broke the ice between a a set of highly creative dudes, and familiar faces that knew their music all to well. If you have not heard this band. Get your shit together. Phenomenal, beautiful, essential. They are by no means a one hit wonder, nor are they dreamy kids snapped up buy the impulsive A&R savages. They have cultivated their sound for years, until it was just right for fond ears. Not as a financial venture, but as creative suffocation.

if this does not move you, peace x RP

local-natives1.<span class=jpg">

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Portrait 2010- My Father

ITs been 7 years since i saw my dad, and it could be 7 again, so i took it upon myself to shoot a few portraits of him, and take away as many stories as i could on this trip.

Michael James Lloyd -2010

Viva Espana!

So just a couple a shitty snaps from my recent trip to Spain, ex pat central. Pretty chill trip with a lot of beer drinking, eating and extended Hunter S Thompson stories. He is the only mentor you need. Say yes to everything, do not hesitate. This past month iv taken it upon myself to try and say Yes to everything, and well, it seems to be paying off so far. That excludes any sexual propositions so go put those thoughts to bed if your creepy mind went there.

But honestly, try it, you might just surprise yourself.



Clocked this on the TV whilst watching some Glasto footage the other week. Amazing!