Monday, 22 February 2010

Oslo Norway

Just got back from minus 20 degrees Oslo! What a city plenty to tell shortly including the loss of all three cameras I took and their safe recovery.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Japanese stranger

So yesterday I had a meeting with two guys from a Japanese distribution company I started doing some work with. They were super humble and brought me this super RAD gift! Sushi mug anyone?

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Location:S Park Hill Rd,Croydon,United Kingdom

Monday, 15 February 2010

Blogging from my phone

Ok so this is the first test of blogging using the old ap. Here are a couple of shots of the beautiful craft box my incredible boyfriend got me. Oh and the monster ( I made him) modeling the box is called celetapes.

water and lovers

we woke on Sunday and took our love struck minds to the beach for the day.
Overpriced portraits by century old artists, not so cool. Fish & Chips, very cool.


a) Jesus statue at a neon pop up shop we strayed across
b) boyfriend + appropriately placed tattoo + my glow in the dark jesus pendent = mafia
c) hearts, crowns, crosses, sculls, bones, iconic seedy bliss.

clean billboard clean mind

Every time i see one of these, these being an empty billboard i get a sense of clarity. Living in a busy city like London subjects the average alert mind to a point blank assault by the nameless salesmen. So much so that an empty billboard provides the equivalent sensation of looking at an open field or a beautiful horizon. It really does aid me in a clear mind which is sad, but true. Will a horizontal surface ever just be a surface again? i very much doubt it. Is a calm mind more important that the selling of temporary vices? yes. it is.