Saturday, 25 July 2009

Latitude festival

lolly pop

meet the flat mates

so in my absence, a lots been going on, new job, new flat, and of course new flat mates. Meet my colourful protectors Josh and Simon. I could photograph them daily, but when you live with people, often its hard to be thinking in that way rather than just putting your feet up. I will do my best to step it up, they are a primary source of daily entertainment, and the ladies sure love um.

My Hero

So having had a sentimental few days this ones for momma. This lady made me, and is one of two Plaisants that helped create RP. Decedent of french spies and a mother who won the Kings medal for bravery stashing papers for the french secret service, this is a single female bloodline with a thousand stories to tell. Thanks for the inspiration to always grow.

two days ago, we spent an afternoon kicking it on the embankment of the river Thames, drinking wine, and tearing strangers apart for not being able to walk in silly high heels, have some decorum ladies, geeeze, or just get it right.

Mum, your fucking great x

blog by candle

and just because technology permits us to produce imagery in real time, i'm actually writing and uploading etc in candle light right now in my room. Its that warm a night that at 9.45pm my doors are open and its not remotely cold, god bless global warming. 

the circle of life.....

No i'm not talking about epic Elton John hits form Lion King, this is real. Two weeks ago i found out id lost a childhood friend to suicide. A friend who i used to scale trees and build fairly like kingdoms from bracken bushes with as a junior dreamer. You often lose touch with these faces for years amounting in double figures, but you never forget the smallest of gifts they gave you. Her funeral brought faces with fond memories together, faces that radiate only warmth, hold stories between two people only they will every know, and tie people together in a patch work quilt of innocent kindred innocence. 

RIP Kat, may we bake like kids againx

with loss of life comes new, on m same trip home i visited my dearest school friend, now mother to two beautiful little children, Oscar and Amelie. Tash is living in a beautiful little bungalow just off the back of the property i grew up in, and the very common i ran wild in as a kid. A nostalgic weekend i hasten to add, but one to celebrate life i guess, in all its forms. Love what you have, i know this never makes sense or sinks in, but i figure if i say it enough it might change something.