Saturday, 14 March 2009

Snob birthday fake out!

So In feb we decided to head to the country for a birthday gathering. To avoid the usual East London bar crawl and final destination being a ditch we decided to leave it all behind and go fake it up in country bumpkin snob central. We got a sweet little cottage, kicked it with bottles of wine, good food, and some sweet views. The fresh air, lack of noise, and overwhelming head space was beneficial for all and gave birth to the "culture club" . Definition being a group of dis functional crafty dreamers with a hunger for pastures new.

What do your friends make you?

A hand knitted personal scarf with de-bossed Name? thought not, You need to role with RP then... we are pretty good with a needle and thread. 

This was a little gift for a lost soul i know. Hand knitted and personal leather tag attached i was pretty pleased with the finished result. Its a little gift in helping a tattooed misfit reach gentlemen status. Think it will help?

See ya later Toronto

The last days in Toronto were spent with louis the Boston, bats were home from tour, and the BSOD ladies and gentlemen i hold so dear. Sadly this is where the three months of mindless traveling, discovery, and down time came to an end. With a new year upon us... it was time to return to the mother land for a year that is already 3 months in! WTF! so you know what comes next, a hell of a lot more blogging... lets put 08 to bed... and get knee deep in 09.

Leaving LA

On leaving LA i was greeted by this incredible "hollywood" cake. If only i had more than an hour and i would have eaten it all!!!! Thank you Ryan, you bake like a dream!. Cups of Tea in the OC with close friends before departure.