Wednesday, 28 May 2008

we love gardens

being in london you forget how much it means to plant your own herbs, entertain your friends, and out up pretty flags in the garden. Lets all move away to the country and be crafty.

the answer..... a great summer.


Sunday, 25 May 2008

street art, the tate finally cottons on.

So we ended up at the Tate Modern Street Art party last night. Looks like the big boys finally cottoned on to a movement that's been kicking around for decades. well done guys, go check it out this weekend.

Booze in motion

Oh dear, its all over. Yup, as I'm sure you all know, a few tins for the road is about to crash and burn. Casual drinkers of the night who try and save a penny or two by grabbing one for the rd (literally) raise your hands. Join us on a tube or two and salute your tins, power to the booze hounds.

where did your path lead you today?

The treasures we find

2 bikes, a warm temperature, no final destination, today we are pirates