Monday, 24 November 2008

24 hours Hamptons show downs

So last week we had the pleasure of our first RP venture to the Hampton's. Thanks to fellow bloggers Besosyfoto, ADF, and, The Fab Enthusiast, we took to the roads with The Hampton's on the radar. The hospitality was astounding, and views incredible. Our trigger happy army of photographers and stylistas took to the beach for various types of photo fun, some wine tasting, good food, and incredible company. We are eternally in debt for this trip with MF photos to follow as soon as they can be processed.

DIY Vintage photo

So a good friend put us on to this nuts program that filters your photos to make them look vintage. This is pretty sweet for any fellow zine makers, post card makers out there! Check it out here!

Buddies in BUST

Last week we had some reflector fun helping out on some photos for the fab Besosyfotos
shoot for BUST magazine. Click the link to see more info on this!

Sunday, 23 November 2008


Here are a few stills from the Little Boots show on friday. The projections looked amazing and a small wave of warmth came over me. Making a workspace in your bedroom late at night and getting stoked about the moon turning into dandelion with the incredible chrissie abbott has to be the best job ever.