Tuesday, 30 September 2008



Dan - Attack In Black, a Canadian band you need in your world.


Louise (besosyfotos) and xabi on Venice Beach CA

So in clearing out my room to peace out of the UK. I came across a world of things i never quite got online from my last trip. Here are a bunch of photos of photos i shot in LA and San fran on 6X6 MF cam. Il get them printed eventually. There are also some portraits of some London faces some of you may know, or may not. Enjoy 

Chrissie Abbott special

The Darling Chrissie Abbott has lent her hand to a bit of Photoshop work with Righteous Plaisant tonight. Check out our flyer for a Royal night of Mash mash. As you know half of RP is taking off on a dreamer esque rampage via the states and Canada. Spread the Gospel

Monday, 29 September 2008

Headers and fun

So the magical Chrissie Abbott has made us a darling logo soon to be seen all over the states. We will be publishing various Photo zines over the next few months based out of the UK, Toronto, NY, LA, San Fran and various mountains and Log Cabins. 

If you like what you see over the next few months then be sure to pick one up. They will be hand numbered and signed, limited run of 20. May do more if demand is good. 

Craft of Die scum bags

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

here we go!

So the lumix is kicking off, witness the first photo like an excitable child i lay in my bed last night. Me on one pillow, camera on the other. And saw something i look at daily, but never actually looked at. Its time to retrain the eye, having not had a point and shoot for 6 months (that makes me feel sick) iv missed out on a world of reflection, documenting, shits and giggles. Just know were back, and were playing hard ball. xRP

Sunday, 7 September 2008


Bonjour friends of righteous. I wanted to inform your kind hearts and heads that at 1.52 am on Saturday the 7th of September. 1/2 or RP got around to buying a new camera. The new Lumix LX3 is now part of the righteous family. From here on in you will see daily donations and a backlog of fancies. Half of RP is leaving London shortly. So get ready for photo documentaries from various parts of Canada and America.